Our Work in Action

We help state and local education agencies and community organizations strengthen their family engagement strategies by sharing research-based communication insights, resources, and best practices.

We’ve listened to thousands of parents, teachers, students, and educators in 25+ states through more than 200 focus groups, 10 national quantitative surveys, as well as ethnography sessions and in-depth interviews. We provide research-based support on effective, clear, and action-oriented communications with parents. This includes:

  • Technical Assistance: Research-based communications support to help build organizational capacity around family engagement (e.g., improved school performance reports, student score reports, parent portals).
  • Customized Resources: Ready-to-use or customized family engagement resources with your logo and highlighting local programs (e.g., webpages, take-home flyers, social media content).
  • Professional Development and Workshops: Training and workshops to share research insights, actionable best practices and resources.

Short list of technical assistance and partnerships:

  1. 1

    School Report Card template

    Based on parent research, we created an ESSA-compliant school report card template. We’ve partnered with South Dakota, New Mexico, Texas and Massachusetts to incorporate our findings into their state’s school report cards.

  2. 2

    Log In and Learn More campaign

    We partnered with Texas Education Agency to create a robust family engagement campaign and resources to help parents access and use the STAAR state test score results in support of their child’s grade level progress.

  3. 3

    Starting Smarter website

    We worked with Smarter Balanced and the California State Department of Education to create an interactive bilingual website that helps parents understand their child’s state test score report and how to use it to better support learning at home.

  4. 4

    New Mexico Parent Guide

    We helped the New Mexico State Department of Education create an online, research-based bilingual parent guide with national and local resources to help parents support classroom learning and build a stronger partnership with their school.

Our Family Engagement Resources: Customized Examples

A Principal's Guide to Leading in the Time of Change

Customized for The Leadership Academy, this school leader's guide provides effective and equitable family engagement strategies and resources. 

Super 5: Back-to-School Power Moves

Customized for A+ Schools Pittsburgh, this interactive webpage and printable tip sheet helps parents start the school year strong and connects them to national and local resources to support grade level skills at home.

Spring Ahead: A Clear Path for Your Child’s Success

Customized for the Louisiana State Department of Education, this interactive webpage and printable tip sheet helps parents get a more accurate picture of their child’s progress and shows them how to prepare their child for the annual state test.

Super Parent Illustration

*Parents 2020: COVID-19 Closures - A Redefining Moment for Students, Parents, and Schools

**Scholastic Teacher and Principal School Report, 2016

Know the Facts

According to our national survey, 92% of parents believe their child is performing at or above grade level.*

What percentage of teachers say students start the school year prepared for grade-level work?**

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