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Check out some recent news coverage highlighting our parent and educator research and resources.

COMMUNICATOR AWARDS - Go Beyond Grades: Integrated & Multi-Channel Campaign Award of Distinction

The Learning Heroes led Go Beyond Grades public awareness campaign won the Award of Distinction for the Communicator Awards. The Communicator Awards is dedicated to recognizing excellence, effectiveness, and innovation across all areas of communication. The Award of Distinction is presented to projects that exceed industry standards in quality and achievement.

THE 74: When Getting Good Grades and Working at Grade Level Are Not the Same Thing

A new The 74 article shares why parents and families need more information about their child's academic progress beyond just report card grades.

THE EDUPURIST PODCAST: Are report card grades important?

Learning Heroes president Bibb Hubbard joined Ray Ankrum on The Edupurist Podcast to talk new survey report and Go Beyond Grades campaign getting perspective from local seniors as well.

THE GALLUP PODCAST: Students’ Report Cards Might Not Be Telling the Whole Story About Their Performance

Our co-founder Cindi Williams, sat down with Gallup to discuss the new report 'B-flation: How Good Grades Can Sideline Parents' which highlights the issues at play for parents in understanding their child's grade level achievement and shine a light on opportunities to better support families.

WORD IN BLACK: Parent Perception of Student Success Is Skewed

New Gallup-Learning Heroes report shows that Black parents were significantly more likely to say that they would take action across the board, if they thought there was a problem.

GALLUP.COM: Student Data Lead Black, Hispanic Parents to Action

A new article reveals findings from new Gallup report that show that while parents value grades for their child's success, standardized tests show significant racial performance gaps.

AP NEWS: Many parents don’t know when kids are behind in school. Are report cards telling enough?

A new AP article dives into why report card grades don't do enough in showing parents how well their child is doing academically.

CNN: To mark your child’s progress, look beyond their grades, report urges parents

A new CNN report shares the importance of going beyond report grades and highlight's Learning Heroes' new GoBeyondGrades campaign.

ED WEEK: Parents Don’t Know When Their Kids Have Fallen Behind. Report Cards Could Be the Problem

A new Ed Week article highlights why parents shouldn't solely rely on report card grades featuring Learning Heroes' new report.

USA TODAY: As high school exit exams disappear across the US, are American grads ready for college?

Gallup-Learning Heroes report was featured in a new article from USA Today around college readiness for high schoolers.

THE 74: Bridging the Parent Perception-Child Performance Gap in St. Louis Schools

A new The 74 article highlights parent perception in St Louis and the Go Beyond Grades STL campaign featuring Learning Heroes' partner The Opportunity Trust.

THE WASHINGTON POST: Grade inflation won’t catch kids up on lost learning. Good data will.

A new Washington Post column shares how grade inflation negatively impacts our students.

THE 74: Schooling vs. Learning: How Lax Standards Hurt the Lowest-Performing Students

Go Beyond Grades was cited in a new article for The 74 discussing the growing disconnect between families and their child's academic success and understanding of reading and math skills.

ED WEEK: New Research Finds a Crucial Factor in Reducing Chronic Absenteeism

Our Family Engagement Impact study was featured in an EdWeek article. It highlighted our finding that schools with stronger family engagement pre-pandemic experienced smaller declines in chronic absenteeism, attendance, and achievement.

TIME: Many American Parents Have No Idea How Their Kids Are Doing in School

Go Beyond Grades was featured in a new TIME article highlighting the disconnect parents and families have with how their child is doing vs the report card grades they receive.

THE 74: Parent Power: Key Strategies for Developing Leaders and Advocates in Schools

Learning Heroes research was featured in a new The 74 article discussing how Rocketship Public Schools works with families to boost engagement and build partnerships.

THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Empowering parents empowers kids, Parents make a difference if equipped with school data

Learning Heroes Co-Founder Cindi Williams is quoted in an article highlighting the GoBeyondGrades campaign in Houston, “While this is an all-hands-on-deck moment in public education, most parents are not aware they need to be in the boat. Parents are problem-solvers, but we can’t expect them to solve a problem they don’t know exists.” "Don’t let A’s and B’s on report cards fool you" [said parent Trenace Dorsey-Hollins of Parent Shield]. "Dig deeper into what data says about the school’s performance on state achievement tests. If you don’t like what you see, get active."

THE NY TIMES: Parents Don’t Understand How Far Behind Their Kids Are in School

In a NY Times opinion piece, Tom Kane and Sean Reardon unpack pandemic-related learning loss, how parents still don’t have a complete picture of their child’s achievement & possible roads to recovery.

NEWSWEEK: Parents: Your Kids Can't Read. It's Time to Get Angry—and Act

Learning Heroes Senior Advisor Jocelyn Pickford shares in a new essay how millions of students are not on reading level and how parents can best support them.

CHICAGO SUN TIMES: Schools are failing when it comes to telling parents the truth about student achievement

Former Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and Learning Heroes president Bibb Hubbard pen an op-ed discussing parent perception gaps and how families can support their children during the summer.

THE EDUPURIST PODCAST: Report Cards vs. Grade Level Standards

Learning Heroes president Bibb Hubbard joined Ray Ankrum on The Edupurist Podcast to talk new survey report and Go Beyond Grades campaign.

EDUCATION WEEK: New Campaign Tries to Convince Parents That Their Kids Have Fallen Behind

New Ed Week article highlights Learning Heroes national Go Beyond Grades campaign.

PBS Newshour: Study shows parents overestimate their student’s academic progress

Former Secretaries of Education Arne Duncan and Margaret Spellings discuss new Learning Heroes study findings highlighting parent perception gaps.

ALWAYS LEARNING: We all can be learning heroes

Ed Post creator-in-chief, Chris Stewart shares an op-ed on the Go Beyond Grades campaign aimed at giving parents and educators a way to boost summer learning.

AP NEWS: Many kids are struggling in school. Do their parents know?

AP article features Learning Heroes' co-founder Cindi Williams and highlights the disconnect between parent perceptions of student achievement and the reality of post-pandemic learning.

THE SEATTLE TIMES: Helping students most impacted by the pandemic

Learning Heroes co-founder, Cindi Williams shares what parents and families can do to help support their children that were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and what resources they have access to.

ST. LOUIS POST DISPATCH: Students need more help with math, and parents can play a role

Learning Heroes Parents 2022 research was featured in an educator editorial article for St. Louis Post Dispatch discussing how parents can help their children who struggle with their academics, particularly in math.

MS. MAGAZINE: Amid Pandemic Learning Loss, There’s an Urgent Need to Bring Parents and Teachers Together

Learning Heroes Vice President, Content & Partnerships, Windy Lopez-Aflitto pens an article for Ms. Magazine discussing the importance of parent-teacher partnership to help combat pandemic learning loss.

AP: Test scores show historic COVID setbacks for kids across US

Learning Heroes' Parents 2022 research was featured in a new article for The Associated Press showing how the pandemic affected learning for children, families, and educators and what's next to be done.

THE ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION: Opinion: Parents can’t ignore math, reading declines on federal test

Learning Heroes founder and president Bibb Hubbard shares her thoughts in a new opinion piece for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution detailing the latest NAEP scores and what that means for parents and families and student success.

EDUCATION WEEK: Want Test Scores to Improve? Make Engaging Families a Top Priority

Learning Heroes SVP, Dr. Eyal Bergman shares how and why schools should prioritize family engagement as a means to increase and improve academic success.

THE HILL: Divide between perception and reality should sound alarm for parents to be part of recovery plans

Learning heroes founder & president Bibb Hubbard calls for parents and families to be part of recovery efforts in new op-ed for The Hill.

UNIVISION: Ready to Team Up: 5 Ideas to Start the School Year Strong

Windy Lopez-Aflitto shares how families and educators can team up this fall with help from the new Ready To Team Up resource.

CBS NEWS PITTSBURGH: Kidsburgh - Learning loss

Kidsburgh Ambassador Yu-Ling Behr shares resources parents and families can use to prepare their child for back to school including the Readiness Check.

WORD IN BLACK: Black Parents Are More Involved in Their Children’s Education Than Ever

David Park discusses Black parents' levels of engagement and concerns about their child's education based on Learning Heroes' research

U.S. NEWS: Parents Want Politics Out of the Classrooms

U.S. News reports on new Parents 2022 survey that shows parents' #1 concern is political influence in schools.

DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION: What part of their kids’ education worries parents most right now? Not math and reading

New data from Learning Heroes Parents 2022 survey shows insight into what parents' #1 concern is when it comes to their child's education.

WORD IN BLACK: Why Black Students Thrive in Summer Camp

David Park shares why summer programs are important to Black families now more than ever.

UNIVISION: Paths to Success: How to Help Your Child Jumpstart Their Future

Windy Lopez-Aflitto shares how parents can help their children jumpstart their future with the paths to success.

ED WEEK: Ignoring Racism in Schools Actually Increases Prejudice

Learning Heroes Parents 2021 research was featured in an article discussing racism and equity in schools.

MCEC PODCAST: Trust and Teamwork

Learning Heroes founder Bibb Hubbard stopped by the Military Child Education Coalition podcast to discuss the importance of trust and teamwork in Family-Educator relationships.

CHRISTENSEN INSTITUTE: 3 lessons from parent surveys over 3 years that should guide family engagement in 2022

Learning Heroes research was featured in a blog post detailing the importance of family engagement in 2022 and beyond.

K-12 DIVE: Survey: Parents' top concern is political involvement in K-12

Learning Heroes' Parents 2021 research was featured in an article discussing what parents' top concerns were.

THE 74: Best Education Essays of 2021

Karen Pittman and Linda Darling-Hammond's essay featuring Learning Heroes research was named one of the best education essays of 2021 by The 74.

THE 74: In Push to Renew School Accountability, Feds Urge States to Keep Eye on Pandemic’s Effects

Bibb Hubbard is featured in an article sharing the importance of school accountability during the pandemic.

THE 74: Surveys Show Parents, Teachers & Principals Are More Committed Than Ever to Working Together to Support Student Learning

Learning Heroes founder Bibb Hubbard pens an essay on new Parents 2021 research highlighting parent, teacher, and principal mindsets from the last year.

WNET: What do Parents and Teachers Want this Year? A Shared Understanding of Student Progress

Learning Heroes VP of Content & Partnerships Windy Lopez-Aflitto shares why having a clear understanding of your child's progress is important.

EDUCATION POST: Parent Power: Will We Choose Pitchforks or Partnerships?

Learning Heroes Parents 2021 research is featured in an article discussing the importance of parent-teacher partnership.

WALLACE FOUNDATION: Creating a “Web of Support” for Children

SVP, Communications and Strategy, David Park guest pens a blog sharing how parents, teachers and program leaders view the time kids spend outside the classroom—and why this matters.

US NEWS & WORLD REPORT: How to Choose After-School Activities

Learning Heroes OST Research report was featured in an article for US NEWS discussing the importance of after school programs.

TELEMUNDO 47: Aplicaciones de ayuda escolar para niños

Learning Heroes was featured on Telemundo47 as 1 of 3 great websites for families this school year.

NBC & NATIONAL PTA: Back to Class Town Hall

NBC & National PTA present the Back to Class Town Hall, featuring the CDC Director, First Lady, Secretary of Education, and Learning Heroes' Windy Lopez-Aflitto, providing resources and information for parents as they start the new school year.

REMAKE TOMORROW PODCAST: Season 1, Episode 5: Bibb Hubbard

Learning Heroes founder Bibb Hubbard joins Gregg Behr and Ryan Rydzewski hosts of the Remake Tomorrow podcast to discuss how parents can plan an active role in their child's educational success.

THE HILL: Providing the transparency parents deserve

Read the new op-ed by former US Secretary of Education under President Obama, Arne Duncan and Learning Heroes founder, Bibb Hubbard.

PBS KIDS for Parents: How to Check Your Child's Math and Reading Skills at Home

Windy Lopez-Aflitto, VP Content and Partnerships, shares how the Readiness Check can provide families with valuable information regarding children's academic progress and discusses the importance of parent-teacher communication.

THE EDUCATION GADFLY SHOW: More parents now admit that their kids have fallen behind academically. Can that awareness power a new wave of reform?

Learning Heroes founder & president Bibb Hubbard appears on an episode of The Education Gadfly Show discussing how to leverage parents’ newfound awareness of their children's academic struggles during the pandemic.

THE 74: Analysis: More Than Ever, Parents Need Data About Their Kids in a Form They Can Understand. Test Makers Are Starting to Get on Board

Cindi Williams shares why it's important for parents to get an accurate picture of their child's academic achievement and how test makers are turning their models upside down.

ED SURGE: Communicating Through Change: How a CA District Is Supporting Families in the Year Ahead

Learning Heroes Parents 2020 research was featured in a new article detailing how school districts and parents are working together in the new school year.

THE 74: Beyond the Scantron: Two Parent Leaders on How to Make State Tests and Results Understandable for Parents

Learning Heroes founder Bibb Hubbard discusses the role that quality assessments play in helping parents understand their children’s academic progress.

The NY Times: How One District Got Its Students Back Into Classrooms

The NY Times shares an inside look at how one school district is using innovative tactics to get its students back into the classroom. Learning Heroes founder Bibb Hubbard shares her thoughts on parent and school communication and trust.

THE 74: Analysis: Safety, Trust, High Expectations — How Families & Teachers Can Work Together So This Isn’t a Lost Year for Students

In a new feature in The 74, Learning Heroes' Founders Bibb Hubbard and Cindi Williams co-authored an analysis piece that captures research insights from this spring and summer (2 parent polls, 11 focus groups, teacher interviews, etc) and recommendations for districts and parent-teacher partnerships.

KTLA: Frank Buckley Interviews | Experts Weigh In: Back to School & COVID-19

Bibb Hubbard sat down with KTLA's Frank Buckley to discuss the insights from Parents 2020, what back to school will look like, how parents and teachers can work together this fall, and answer viewer questions.

PORTLAND PRESS HERALD: It’s no longer just ‘helping the kids with their homework’

Learning Heroes founder and president Bibb Hubbard shares how parents can work with their child's teacher this fall to best support the child's achievement and development with the new normal of how school will look.

CONSUMER REPORTS: Black and Hispanic Americans Twice As Likely As Whites to Say Schools Should Remain Closed, CR Survey Finds

Learning Heroes founder and president Bibb Hubbard shares insights from Parents 2020 and how White parents differ in how confident they are of their child safely returning to school compared to Black and Hispanic parents.

THE NYTIMES: How to Proactively Prepare for Distance Learning

The NYTimes shares how parents and families can prepare themselves and their child for the new normal of distance learning and hybrid schooling models that many schools are incorporating into their models for the new school year. Learning Heroes founder, Bibb Hubbard shares insights into how this can be done effectively.

SCHOLASTIC BLOG: Parents and Teachers Must Become Critical Allies as We Head Into a Different Kind of School Year

Windy Lopez-Aflitto VP Content and Partnerships, shares findings and takeaways from the latest PARENTS 2020 national survey, designed to better understand how families are supporting their children’s academic development during school closures due to COVID-19 and what they’ll need for the year ahead.

UNIVISION: Despierta America

In this Univision Despierta America segment, we share tips and resources to help parents transition from summer to back-to-school, especially given all the changes related to COVID-19.

CBS PITTSBURGH: Kidsburgh: Several Groups Offering Summer Educational Opportunities After Coronavirus Forces Students Out Of Classrooms

A Plus Schools CEO James Fogarty shares what his organization is doing to help prevent summer learning loss and his recommendations on what parents can do, including taking Learning Heroes' Readiness Check.

THE 74: A Mom’s View: This Is the Letter I’m Going to Write to My Son’s Kindergarten Teacher After Months of Filling In for Her at Home

A mom took us through a letter she planned to write to her child's teacher as COVID-19 school closures forced the roles of parent and teacher to be reversed. The Parents 2020 research was featured in this article detailing how parents are planning to show up more in the new school year.

THOMAS B FORDHAM INSTITUTE: In the era of Covid-19, put learning first—and other lessons

The Parents 2020 Survey was featured in an article showing lessons for schools to put learning first for all students as we navigate through the era of COVID-19.

JOANNE JACOBS: Parents ask: What are expectations?

A new blog from Joanne Jacobs shares insights from Parents 2020: COVID-19 Closures – A Redefining Moment for Students, Parents and Schools and discusses what parents need and expect for their child's success in the coming school year following COVID-19.

ELEARNING INSIDE: How Parents Are Dealing with Remote Learning at Home, According to 3 Surveys

A new article from eLearning Inside shares insights from Parents 2020 in comparison to other nationally released survey during the COVID-19 pandemic and how its affecting parents and families.

THE 74: New Poll Reveals Parents Want One-on-one Distance Learning Support from Teachers — But Aren’t Getting Much of It

A new article from The 74 shares the insights from Parents 2020 and how communication between parents and teachers is more important than ever before - especially going into the new school year.

EDUCATION DIVE: Survey: Children's loss of social ties, learning top parents' closure concerns

A new article on Education Dive shares insights from Parents 2020: COVID-19 Closures – A Redefining Moment for Students, Parents and Schools and discusses what comes next for parents in the coming school year following COVID-19.

NEXT PITTSBURGH: At last, training for parents frustrated with their kids’ schoolwork. Google Classroom to the rescue.

Windy Lopez-Aflitto, Vice President of Content and Partnerships, discusses how parents don't have to be teaching experts to help their child during home learning by using trusted resources and tools designed to help parents and families.

THE 74: Following School Closures, a ‘Rude Awakening’ for Parents: How Remote Education Is Revealing Alarming Learning Gaps, Particularly for Low-Income Families

A new article on The 74 sheds light on how low-income parents don't have an accurate picture of their child's education and what can be done to help change that featuring Learning Heroes national data.

THE 74: Need Help Sorting Through the Avalanche of Online Resources for Kids Who Are Now Learning at Home? 11 Sites for Parents to Look At

Learning Heroes co-founder Cindi Williams was featured on The 74 explaining finding trusted resources that come free and can be sorted by grade level and topic and are meant to encourage and not overwhelm parents and families.

THE 74: From Coding and Origami for Robots to Electrical Circuits and Animation, 9 Online Sources That Bring Hands-On Technical Learning Home

Learning Heroes co-founder Cindi Williams was featured on The 74 showcasing 9 resources that help bring technical hands-on learning, home.

DIGITAL PROMISE: Responding to COVID-19: How Are the Children?

Barbara Pape with Digital Promise and Windy Lopez-Aflitto with Learning Heroes share resources and thoughts about supporting parents and teachers as they navigate this new reality.

EDMODO: Keep Calm, Learning is On!

Windy Lopez-Aflitto, Vice President of Content and Partnerships wrote a great blog for Edmodo sharing simple tips and free bilingual digital resources to support learning at home.

SCHOLASTIC BLOG: Keeping Parents in the Loop: Trends Data Point to Actionable Insights

Windy Lopez-Aflitto, Vice President of Content and Partnerships shared three things schools and educators can do to ensure parents get an accurate picture of their children’s progress.

EDMODO: Learning Heroes At #EdmodoCon2019 in Miami

Windy Lopez-Aflitto, Vice President of Content and Partnerships presented a riveting presentation at EdmodoCon in Miami. Check out the session here on engaging parents around social, emotional, and academic learning.

PROVIDENCE JOURNAL: My Turn: Daniel J. McKee: Close the parent information gap

Learning Heroes was featured in an Op-Ed for the Providence Journal by Daniel J. McKee. The op-ed discusses the need for parents to receive school performance report cards to help get a more accurate picture of their child's success.

NATIONAL PTA: Bibb Hubbard featured in National PTA: Notes from the Backpack Podcast

Learning Heroes co-founder and president Bibb Hubbard sat down with National PTA to explore what families and kids think about student academic achievement, how schools and districts can improve the way they share information with families, and what families can do to gauge if their child is on track and advocate for a more accurate picture of their progress.

MEDIUM: How to Engage Families with Research-Based Engagement Resources and Tools

Check out our guest blog with Edmodo to share family engagement resources for teachers to use as part of their existing outreach.

UNIVISION: Summer Learning Tips and Resources (in Spanish)

Our VP of Content and Partnerships, Windy Lopez-Aflitto, appeared on Despierta América to share
summer learning tips and our bilingual resources for families to help their children this summer.

THE 74 MILLION: Williams: Together, Student Report Cards and School Report Cards Can Show Parents How Their Kids Are Really Doing in School. 5 States That Get It Right

When parents think their school is good and their child is fine academically, they focus their time and energy on other pressing issues. But in most places, there is a Grand Canyon-size gap between what parents are told about their children’s learning and what the school knows to be true.

UNIVISION: Grades aren't the only way to know how your child is progressing

Teacher feedback, the results from the annual state test, and your own observations can help give you a more accurate picture of your child's progress.

UNIVISION: Tips and advice to support learning at home (In Spanish)

Windy Lopez-Aflitto, our VP of Content and Partnerships shares tips and resources to help parents get an accurate picture of their child's progress so they can best support learning at home.

ED POST: This New Report Shows How Parents and Teachers Can Work Together (Education Post)

In this essay, Student Achievement Partners Founding Partner Jason Zimba reflects on Learning Heroes’ Parents 2018: Going Beyond Good Grades report and calls for more meaningful and objective discussions between parents and teachers.

WNET EDUCATION: How can you help your child Spring Ahead? Get an accurate picture of their progress.

In addition to our children’s grades, the results of the upcoming state test and our school’s report card are important pieces of the bigger picture, helping us understand where our children are doing well, and where additional support is needed. Check out our blog on WNET Education.

COMPETENCY WORKS: Mixed Signals from Report Cards: Learning Heroes Report Highlights

A recent report from Learning Heroes provides a dramatic illustration of the need for schools to transition to more transparent grading practices, such as those in a competency-based education system.

EWA: What’s in a Grade?

First, results from a new survey of parents and teachers by Learning Heroes, a nonprofit that works to promote family engagement, points to a basic misunderstanding between parents and teachers about what report cards measure.

THE 74 MILLION: What’s in a Report Card? Depends on Who You Ask. New Report Shows That Parents and Teachers Have Very Different Understandings of Grades & Tests

Ask a parent and a teacher, and you’ll likely hear very different answers. But that disconnect is just the beginning when it comes to how these two groups understand the education system and all the grades, jargon, and communication within it, according to a new report from the nonprofit Learning Heroes.

MEDIUM: Going Beyond Good Grades: What if Parents Knew What Teachers Know?

What if parents knew what teachers know about their child’s academic performance? What if report cards were a true lever for parent-teacher communications? How can we incent conversations about a child’s academic progress, especially if that child isn’t performing at grade level?

MEDIUM: Parents: Is Your Child on Track at School?

Jason Zimba: "My choice for the best parent resource of the year is the recently released Readiness Check, an interactive digital tool from Learning Heroes."

EDUCATION WEEK: 3 Tips for Talking to Parents about Social and Emotional Learning

Words like "attitude" and "emotion" often make parents uncomfortable, especially if they believe educators are making judgments about their children. Social and emotional learning raises questions about the boundaries between the role of parents and that of educators. This is all backed up by research - like the great work done by Learning Heroes - on the kinds of messages that resonate with parents and those that turn parents off entirely.

METROFOCUS: Success at School

The Readiness Check helps parents get a gut check on how their child has learned foundational skills needed for this year and connect them to resources to practice specific skills at home.

WNET EDUCATION: Parenting Minutes: Readiness Check

Watch this video to learn one way you can help your child prepare for the new school year.

THE 74 MILLION: Closing the ‘Perception Gap’: With 3 in 5 Teachers Saying Students Are Not at Grade Level on First Day of School, New Digital Tool Offers Parents a ‘Readiness Check’

To help teachers and parents assess a child’s academic achievement level, the nonprofit education research group Learning Heroes this week launched a new “readiness check” interactive digital tool to close that perception gap. “We have been really focused on trying to bridge what we call this perception gap because our research also found that parents hold themselves responsible. They want to be involved,” said Windy Lopez-Aflitto, Learning Heroes’ vice president of content. “We believe that by having a more accurate picture, parents can more effectively support specific skills and best partner with their child’s teacher from the beginning of the school year.”

GROUND CONTROL PARENTING: Parents, Check Out These Great Back-to-School Resources!

You know what grades your kids got last year, but how much of the material do they confidently understand? Does a C in math for the semester mean that your child understands enough of the material to build on it in the next school year? How are we supposed to know this? The good folks at are here to help us figure it out. They have recently launched Readiness Check, a free interactive tool for you and your kids to use together.

UNIVISION: 5 consejos y una herramienta para empezar el año escolar con fuerza

El verano llega a su fin y para los niños los nervios son inevitables. Pero como padre no tienes que temer el comienzo de un nuevo año escolar. Hay pasos concretos que puedes dar para evaluar dónde se encuentra tu hijo en su desarrollo académico y cómo se puede preparar mejor para los meses de aprendizaje, retos y diversión que vienen.

WALLACE FOUNDATION: Talking to Parents about Social and Emotional Learning

Whenever we publish a blog post or report in our Knowledge Center on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), our digital channels buzz with interest. Much of the insights and information we’ve gathered has centered around in- and out-of-school programs that help children build the skills they need to succeed academically and in life. Now, an organization called Learning Heroes is bringing parents into the equation.

OUR CHILDREN MAGAZINE: Get Your Child Ready for the Next Grade Level This Summer

Summertime means longer days and warmer weather, making it the perfect time for learning fun! It’s also a great time to make a plan that gets your child ready for the next grade level. Here are 5 simple tips and resources to help your child stride forward this summer.

DESPIERTA AMÉRICA: Educación: ¿Cómo evitar el retroceso de verano?

Durante la etapa vacacional, los niños pueden perder entre dos y tres meses de progreso en lectura. Windy Lopez Aflitto, directora de contenido de Learning Heroes, explica qué deben hacer los padres para evitar el llamado retroceso de verano.

BADCREDIT.ORG: Learning Heroes Resources and Tools Empower Parents to Promote Academic Excellence

In a Nutshell: Research shows many parents don’t fully understand how well their children are performing in school. Even for those who know their kids need to improve in the classroom, many are unprepared to provide the type of support their children need.

INSIDE PHILANTHROPY: Support by Education Funders for Family Engagement Is Growing. Why Is That?

Family engagement is an old idea gaining renewed interest from education funders as some pivot away from an era of top-down reform. The concept has been around for quite awhile. Kids do better at school when their families and communities are involved in their education, but reforms often leave students’ support systems behind. Early signs show that practice is starting to change.

GROUND CONTROL PARENTING: Beat Summer Slide with Summer Stride!

You may have heard about “ summer slide”, where over the summer students can lose two to three months of progress in math and reading and fall behind when they return to school in the fall. But did you know that by the time a student gets to the 5th grade, the summer learning loss can add up to a 2-3 year education gap?

THOMAS B. FORDHAM INSTITUTE: Most parents still live in Lake Wobegon

On this week's podcast, Bibb Hubbard, founder and president of Learning Heroes, joins Mike Petrilli and Alyssa Schwenk to discuss better ways to communicate students’ academic progress (or lack thereof) to parents. On the Research Minute, David Griffith examines the recent AEI study that questioned the relationship between test scores and long-term outcomes.

THE 74 MILLION: 90% of Parents Think Their Kids Are on Track in Math & Reading. The Real Number? Just 1 in 3, Survey Shows

“The education community continues to use a language that parents don’t speak,” said Bibb Hubbard, Learning Heroes founder and president.

THE 74 MILLION: 4 Steps Toward Helping Your Child Get Ready for the Big State Test

Spring is here — meaning it’s that time of year when children across the country are asked to show what they know by taking their state’s annual tests in math and English language arts.

THE WASHINGTON POST: Want an education revolution? Empower parents.

Education policy geeks are perpetually trying to figure out how to move the needle on academic achievement, yet they rarely include parents in the complex calculus of getting children to succeed in school.

Scholastic EduBlog

Our founder, Bibb Hubbard shares five action steps for effective parent-teacher partnerships.

Good Morning America, ABC

Learning Heroes Founder, Bibb Hubbard shares advice for parents as well as insight from our research as part of Good Morning America's Back-to-School segment.

Scholastic Blog

Learning Heroes Director of Content, Windy Lopez-Aflitto shares our Super 5: Back-to-School Power Moves and her experience as a mom and former teacher.

Huffington Post

Allan Golston, President, U.S. Program, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation shares helpful information on the importance of setting goals and how parents can help set their children up for success.

Roland Martin News One Now

Dr. Michael Lomax, President and CEO of UNCF joins Roland Martin to discuss college prep for African American families.

Roland Martin News One Now

90% of black parents believe their child is proficient in reading and math. The reality is only about 18% of 4th Graders are. Learning Heroes Founder, Bibb Hubbard joins Roland Martin to discuss this and more.

Atlanta Journal Constitution

How can we cure the summertime blues and dive into quality summer learning? Learn more from Maureen Downey, host and producer of the radio program Bloomberg EDU.

Sacramento Bee

Our research reveals that 90 percent of Hispanic parents want their children to go to college – a higher percentage than any ethnic group measured. But only 42 percent of Hispanic students are making it to college graduation. Learn more about what we can do to ensure Latino students succeed in school.

Huffington Post

How can we close the gap between African-American perceptions and student achievement? Dr. Michael Lomax, President and CEO of UNCF shares his insight in this blog article.

Christianity Today

How can we help students of color excel in the classroom? Learn more from this informative Q & A article.


"9 out of 10 parents think their kids are on grade level. Unfortunately, they’re probably wrong." Our research findings are included in this nprEd article.

Education Week

Read about the disconnect between how well parents think their children are performing academically in school and how students score on tests nationally as our "Parents 2016: Hearts and Minds of Public School Parents in an Uncertain World," research findings are highlighted in this Edweek blog.

Good Morning America, ABC

Get homework advice and learn how parents are using our free online tools to help children with homework.