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Check out some recent media coverage highlighting our parent research and resources.

The Washington Post

Want an education revolution? Empower parents.

Scholastic EduBlog

Our founder, Bibb Hubbard shares five action steps for effective parent-teacher partnerships.

Good Morning America, ABC

Learning Heroes Founder, Bibb Hubbard shares advice for parents as well as insight from our research as part of Good Morning America's Back-to-School segment.

Scholastic Blog

Learning Heroes Director of Content, Windy Lopez-Aflitto shares our Super 5: Back-to-School Power Moves and her experience as a mom and former teacher.

Huffington Post

Allan Golston, President, U.S. Program, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation shares helpful information on the importance of setting goals and how parents can help set their children up for success.

Roland Martin News One Now

Dr. Michael Lomax, President and CEO of UNCF joins Roland Martin to discuss college prep for African American families.

Roland Martin News One Now

90% of black parents believe their child is proficient in reading and math. The reality is only about 18% of 4th Graders are. Learning Heroes Founder, Bibb Hubbard joins Roland Martin to discuss this and more.

Atlanta Journal Constitution

How can we cure the summertime blues and dive into quality summer learning? Learn more from Maureen Downey, host and producer of the radio program Bloomberg EDU.

Sacramento Bee

Our research reveals that 90 percent of Hispanic parents want their children to go to college – a higher percentage than any ethnic group measured. But only 42 percent of Hispanic students are making it to college graduation. Learn more about what we can do to ensure Latino students succeed in school.

Huffington Post

How can we close the gap between African-American perceptions and student achievement? Dr. Michael Lomax, President and CEO of UNCF shares his insight in this blog article.

Christianity Today

How can we help students of color excel in the classroom? Learn more from this informative Q & A article.


"9 out of 10 parents think their kids are on grade level. Unfortunately, they’re probably wrong." Our research findings are included in this nprEd article.

Education Week

Read about the disconnect between how well parents think their children are performing academically in school and how students score on tests nationally as our "Parents 2016: Hearts and Minds of Public School Parents in an Uncertain World," research findings are highlighted in this Edweek blog.

Good Morning America, ABC

Get homework advice and learn how parents are using our free online tools to help children with homework.