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Every Parent.

You’ve got what it takes — you know your child best. But even superheroes need a team. We’re here to help you support learning at home — with simple actions to help your child reach their goals.

Every Parent.

Talking to Children about Racism and Justice Be A Learning Hero

How can you have honest and positive conversations with your child about racism, social justice, and violent events at the U.S. Capitol? Find helpful and age-based tips and resources here.

Be A Learning Hero

#ParentStrong: Your Guide to Distance Learning

Find free, high quality resources and get your questions answered by leading experts and the 2020 National Teachers of the Year.

Ready to Partner Be A Learning Hero

Here are tips and tools for a different kind of school year.

Be A Learning Hero

New Report: Parents’ Engagement in Remote Learning During COVID-19 Will Redefine Relationships Between Families and Schools

Newly released PARENTS 2020 survey data reveals interesting insights about parents and guardians at this unprecedented moment in time.

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