Paths to Success

How to Help Your Child Jumpstart Their Future

You want to help your child be ready and excited for high school and beyond. The good news is, success and happiness are a journey with different paths and opportunities, whether it includes a four-year college or a technical program.

Paths to Success

Did you Know?

According to research, being on track in 9th grade is the greatest predictor of high school graduation.

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Here's how to help your child be ready for high school and beyond.

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Know The Milestones

Know The Milestones

Check in regularly with your teen’s teachers and counselors on a plan for high school graduation. Know application deadlines and take relevant tests. This can keep your child motivated and improve grades.

Nurture Life Skills

Nurture Life Skills

Lean into how your teen is feeling–for example, ask them to share their high and low points of the day. Get support to strengthen life skills like organization, communication, and managing stress.



Talk to your teen about their passions and the kinds of jobs that interest them. Ask them questions like “What makes you happy?” “Is there a career or field you want to learn more about?”
Help them see the connection between the choices they make now and their future.



Find classes based on interest and level, such as career and technical education (CTE) or advanced placement (AP) in high school. Both can save time and money in college.
Completing Algebra 1 sets them up for next level classes and useful skills, no matter their career choice.



Explore financial aid options early and how Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) works. Research smaller colleges that can offer a great education and more scholarship opportunities. Learn about the process for transferring schools.

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Almost 9 in 10 parents think their kids are at or above grade level*.

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