Family Engagement Resources

Given hybrid and virtual learning, strong home/school partnerships have never been more important. Students will need teachers and parents to be allies.

Our research-based (free and bilingual) resources help you work with families to advance student social, emotional, and academic development.

Here are ways to use our resources to strengthen your family outreach.

  • School Websites/Portal: Post on your school/class website, portal, or include it as a parent resource in your parent newsletters.
  • Social Media/Texting: Share the below tips and resources with families via social media and texts.
  • Print/Send Home: Download and print the below tip sheets to send home in printed packets. Post them on your bulletin board.
  • Virtual or In-person Meetings: Use them for back-to-school nights, parent-teacher meetings, workshops, and home visits. After School, library and community organizations can share them as well.

Below are the family engagement resources and tip sheets.

  1. 1

    Ready to Partner: 5 Steps for a Different Kind of School Year...

    helps parents start the school year strong and partner with teachers. (August-November)


  2. 2

    Spring Forward...

    helps parents get a more complete picture of their child’s progress at an important time of year. (February-April)

  3. 3

    Summer Stride...

    gives families tips and tools they can use over the summer to support grade-level skills while having fun. (May-July)

Year-Round Family Engagement Tools

Anti-Racism Resource Directory for Families

Help lead discussions about anti-racism and social justice with these resources.

Parent-Teacher Planning Tool

A 3-step tool to help teachers share beginning of year benchmark data and work with parents and students to create a learning plan. If you are interested in customizing this tool, contact us here.

Parent-Teacher Planning Tool: Teacher Guide

A “How to” to support the use of the planning tool.

Parent-Teacher Planning Tool: Teacher Discussion Guide

A discussion guide to help teachers answer frequently asked questions from parents (even the tough ones).

Parent-Teacher Planning Tool (modified version)

A shorter version of the 3-step tool that doesn’t include beginning of year benchmark data.

A Principal’s Guide to Leading in the Time of a Pandemic

Find family engagement strategies and resources to help school leaders and educators form strong school-home partnerships. In partnership with NAESP and PTA.

Learning Hero Roadmap

From grade-level expectations to how to support life skills, find interactive resources on a range of topics parents care most about.

Readiness Check

An interactive tool that helps parents see how their child is progressing in foundational math and reading skills and connects them to skill-specific videos, activities, and more to support learning at home.

Developing Life Skills and How Learning Happens

New research insights, workshop facilitator’s guide, videos and more to help communicate the integration of social, emotional, and academic learning.

Super Parent Illustration

*Parents 2020: COVID-19 Closures - A Redefining Moment for Students, Parents, and Schools

**Scholastic Teacher and Principal School Report, 2016

Know the Facts

According to our national survey, 92% of parents believe their child is performing at or above grade level.*

What percentage of teachers say students start the school year prepared for grade-level work?**

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