Family Engagement Resources

Strong school-home partnerships have never been more important, especially given the learning disruptions due to the pandemic and issues such as chronic absenteeism. Teachers and families need to be supported as allies, working together to improve student outcomes.

Our research-based (free and bilingual) resources help you team up with families to advance student social, emotional, and academic development.

Here are ways to use our resources as part of your ongoing family engagement work.

  • School Websites/Portal: Post on your school/class website, portal, or include it as a family resource as part of your existing outreach.
  • Social Media/Texting: Share the tips and resources below with families via social media and texts.
  • Print/Send Home: Download and print the one-pagers below to send home. Post them on bulletin boards and share with families through community partners.
  • Virtual or In-person Meetings: Use them for back-to-school nights, parent-teacher conferences, workshops, and home visits. Extended learning, libraries and community partners can share them with families as well.

Below are family engagement resources for key points in the school year.

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    Go Beyond Grades...

    a national campaign that champions families and teachers working together based on a shared understanding of student progress. Find research-based tools, resources, videos  and more (Spring and Fall)

  2. 2

    Paths to Success...

    provides key milestones and resources as parents help set their children up for success in high school and beyond. (Year-Round)

Year-Round Family Engagement Resources

Anti-Racism Resource Directory for Families

Help lead discussions about anti-racism and social justice with these resources.

Parent-Teacher Planning Tool

A 3-step tool to help teachers share beginning of year benchmark data and work with parents and students to create a learning plan. If you are interested in customizing this tool, contact us here.

End of Year Parent-Teacher Planning Tool

A 3-step tool that helps teachers connect with parents at the end of the year to co-create a focused summer learning plan. If you are interested in customizing this tool, contact us here.

Navigate Candid Conversations

Thought starters to help with Frequently Asked Parent Questions.

Parent-Teacher Planning Tool (modified version)

A shorter version of the 3-step tool that doesn’t include beginning of year benchmark data.

Readiness Roadmap

From grade-level expectations to how to support life skills, find interactive resources, videos, and more.

Developing Life Skills and How Learning Happens

New research insights, workshop facilitator’s guide, videos and more to help communicate the integration of social, emotional, and academic learning.

Readiness Check

A short tool that helps families see how their child is progressing in foundational math and reading skills and connects them to skill-specific videos, activities, and more to support learning at home.

Unlocking the How: Designing Family Engagement Strategies That Lead to School Success

A set of concrete recommendations, examples and Leadership Look Fors to build a comprehensive strategy that directly impacts student learning and well-being.

Year-Round Family Engagement Resources

The Parent Journey

Research and an accompanying Playbook to help educators and advocates communicate with families who have children with learning differences.

Year-Round Family Engagement Resources
Super Parent Illustration

*B-Flation: How "Good Grades" Can Sideline Parents, Gallup 2023 October 2023 National Gallup Poll
**School Pulse Panel 2022-2023, Institute of Education Sciences (IES)

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