Readiness Roadmap

You want the best for your child but the path forward isn’t always clear. The Readiness Roadmap is your guide to everything, from what your child is expected to know this school year, to how you can support your child’s emotional development, to starting the college planning process and more. We created the roadmap based on our Parents 2016 survey that asked parents what they want and need when it comes to their child.

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to lay a strong foundation that will get your child ready for success in school and life. Let’s get started!

Do You Know What’s Expected?

An important first step to getting your child ready for school is knowing what’s expected. Yet, two-thirds of parents say they’d benefit from clearer explanations of what their children should be learning in school. To help, we gathered the best resources from National PTA, Univision, Scholastic and GreatKids.

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Identify Strengths

Use our Character Strengths Finder, developed with Character Lab, to help zero in on your child’s strengths and areas for growth – from persistence to gratitude and other essential life skills.

Promote Learning

How do you help your child approach both struggles and strengths? Try our Growth Mindset Kit, created with PERTS, Stanford University's center on learning mindsets.

Chart Your Route ...

Together! Students, parents, and teachers need to be partners on the road to success.

Maximize Teacher Time

The majority of K-8 parents talk to their child’s teacher at least once a month. These resources are designed to help you get the most out of that time together.

Ensure Emotional Health & Happiness

Do you worry about your child’s emotional health or happiness? You are not alone. Nearly half of parents say they worry about this. Knowing what to look for at each development stage is critical. Get started with these Scholastic resources.

Worried about all that screen time? Use this guide from Common Sense Media to find movies and TV shows that help build character strengths.

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We all struggle with what to do and say during tough parenting situations. Use these helpful cues for issues ranging from peer pressure to dishonesty to getting homework done and more.

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Plan for College

Our 2016 survey revealed that parents’ #1 concern was paying for college. The good news is that there is help. In fact, most full time students receive some sort of financial aid. The information in these 4 steps can help you along the way. Start the planning process now to reduce stress later.

  1. Learn about the Power of Savings
  2. Make a Plan
  3. Consult the College Planning Checklist
  4. Explore your Financial Options

Rev Your Readiness

Readiness Supercharge


Get Test-Ready

State tests are one measure of your child’s readiness for the grade ahead. This need-to-know playbook for parents will help you learn more about what’s on the test and how to help your child feel prepared.

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Readiness Supercharge

Emotional Health & Happiness

Go Bully Free

Concerned your child might be bullying or getting bullied? Check out The Bully Project’s Parent Toolkit, along with resources from on what bullying is, who is at risk, and how you can prevent and respond.

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Readiness Supercharge

Paying for College

Make the Most of Middle School

Middle school is a great time to get your child focused on college. Review the College Board’s Middle School Parent Action Plan, along with this summary of financial aid options to get started.

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Parents 2016: Hearts and Minds of Parents in an Uncertain World

Our new poll offers educators, community leaders and the public a glimpse into the hearts and minds of today’s public school parents, revealing their top concerns, priorities and needs for support.

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