"Dear Program Leader" Letter

This personalized letter helps introduce your child to camp/program leaders or tutors so that they can best support your child’s learning and development this summer!

To Complete:
1. In the blank spaces to the left, fill in a bit about your child.
2. As you type, you’ll see the letter being filled to your right.
3. Use the “Save” button at the bottom to print, email, or save and share the final letter with program leaders or tutors.

  • (e.g., playing games, reading together, dancing, watching TV, playing at the playground, etc.)
  • (e.g., communicating with others, problem solving, creative thinking)
  • (e.g., organization, managing emotions, self confidence)
  • Our goals for this summer program
    (e.g., Build confidence by finding new passions outside of school; Get extra support to reach grade level work in math; Learn healthy habits and fun ways to stay physically active.)
  • Click "Save" to save or print your personalized letter.

Dear Program Leader

Dear ,

Hello! We are the family of . We are excited to team up with you as participates in .

Our family includes . Some of our family’s favorite activities are .

loves to spend time and is good at .

needs more support with

By participating in the program, we hope will grow in these ways:

I’m also looking forward to hearing what you notice about this summer so that I can share your reflections with my child’s teacher in the fall.

You can reach us at . We look forward to supporting in your program!

Thank you!