The Super 5:
Power Moves for a Successful
School Year

When it comes to your child’s education, you are a learning hero. Your superpowers include expertise about your child’s interests, habits, and personality. Combine this knowledge with a clear understanding of how to support your child’s learning and the sky’s the limit.

Use the Super 5 to help get you started and find the answers to these important questions through easy to use resources and videos from Learning Heroes, National PTA, Scholastic and others.

  1. Start Smart

    Schools today teach real-world skills like
 critical thinking and 
problem solving to
 prepare students for success in college and
 life. Find out what your child is expected to learn this year and how to know if your child is on track.

  2. Support Learning Anywhere

    Find easy ways to integrate learning into your child’s life. Explore your community by reading words and information together on signs, posters and more! Discover the fun in reading books, newspapers, magazines, and enjoy online learning games together. Ask an older child to add up the cost of items at the grocery. Ask a younger child to name funny words that rhyme. Turn homework into home fun!

  3. Stay Connected

    You, your child, and your child’s teacher are partners. At your first teacher meeting, bring your child’s
 most recent state test scores and ask what the results mean for the year ahead. Find out what you can do at home to help.

  4. Take on Challenges

    Teaching your child to embrace challenges can help them succeed in the classroom and beyond. To encourage your child, focus on the specific effort and what your child is learning, instead of how well they did. This will help your child feel less nervous about new tasks or subjects.

  5. Speak Openly

    Share hopes and concerns as a family. Ask your child what
 he or she is most excited and 
nervous about for the new
 school year and why, then let
 the teacher know. Take pride
 knowing that you are the expert on your child and can help your child live up to his or her fullest potential.

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