Summer ReMix 2022

Summer ReMix 2022

Whether helping your child be on track with math or staying active and connected to friends, summer is a great time to mix it up and have fun!

Kids thrive when they feel connected to what they are learning and who they are learning with.

Here are 3 ideas to help remix your summer learning...

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Review Key Skills

Review Key Skills

Think about the skills for your child to work on based on your own observations and teacher feedback. Use the Readiness Check to know how your child is doing with grade-level math and reading skills and get connected to fun, easy-to-use resources to help them practice those skills every day.
Replay What Matters Most

Replay What Matters Most

What does your child want to learn about? What makes them light up with confidence and joy? Ask your child how they are feeling–about themselves and their friendships. Lean into what keeps them motivated and look for resources in your community and online.
Reflect on Progress

Reflect on Progress

Share what you notice about your child’s progress with tutors, summer program leaders and new teachers in the fall. For example, “my child needs help solving word problems with fractions.” You are the expert on your child and your insights and questions are important.
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*B-Flation: How "Good Grades" Can Sideline Parents, Gallup 2023 October 2023 National Gallup Poll **School Pulse Panel 2022-2023, Institute of Education Sciences (IES)


Almost 9 in 10 parents think their kids are at or above grade level*.
What percentage of students are at grade level**?
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What’s your Summer Learning ReMix?

Math and Staying Active? Check out these fun activities.

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In this Parenting Minutes video, parents and children show you how to use the Readiness Check!

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