Summer Recharge 2021

Summer Recharge 2021

After the past year, families deserve (and need) a recharge!

From your child finally getting to see family and friends to finding ways to refuel their passions…learning can be at the center. In fact, kids thrive when they feel connected to who they are learning with and what they are learning.

Here are 3 simple steps to shape your summer learning plan…

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Reconnect with What Matters

Reconnect with What Matters

Who is your child most excited to spend time with? What interests your child? What makes them light up with confidence? Find out and lean into it this summer. This will help keep your child motivated to learn. For example, to build communication skills, invite your child and their friends to do a "write and tell" to share what they missed most about each other.
Reflect on progress

Reflect on progress

Share what you notice about your child’s progress with tutors, summer program leaders and new teachers in the fall. For example, “my 4th grader needs support with word problems that involve multiplication and division.” You are the expert on your child. Teachers need your insights and questions.
Review key skills

Review key skills

Think about which specific skills are most important for your child to work on over the summer based on your own observations and teacher feedback. You can also use the Readiness Check to know how your child is doing with grade-level math skills and get connected to fun, easy-to-use summer learning resources to help your child practice these skills every day.
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*A Year into the Pandemic: Parents’ Perspectives on Academics, State Assessments, and Education, Learning Heroes and National PTA
**NAEP, The Nation’s Report Card 2019

Parents Deserve to Know

According to our national survey, nearly 9 in 10 parents believe their child is performing at or above grade level.*
Yet, what percentage of 8th graders nationally are reading at grade level?**
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Family Writing Activity

This summer is all about the #RE! REcharge, REview, REfresh, REnew! What #RE word best describes your family’s approach to enjoying this summer?

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How to Use the Readiness Check

This video from New York public media station WNET walks through how you and your family can use the Readiness Check!

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