Parent-Teacher Planning Tool

Parent-Teacher Planning Tool

Parents and teachers were heroes last year. And, we saw that we’re stronger when we work together. Teachers are the experts of classroom learning and parents are the experts on their children. Share what you’ve noticed about your child with the teacher so they can best connect with them in class. 

Here are 3 simple steps to help you partner with your child’s teacher.   


Help the Teacher Get to Know Your Child

Think about what’s most important for the teacher to know about your child.  

  • My child is doing well in….
  • My child needs help with….
  • My child is excited to learn about…
  • Changes I’ve noticed in my child that are important for you to know include…



Pinpoint Math and Reading Progress

Use the Readiness Check to see how your child is doing with key math and reading skills needed for success this year! It only takes a few minutes and you get connected to resources and activities to support learning at home.

As you watch your child take the Readiness Check, notice…

  • Where did they do well?
  • Where did they need help?

Partner Up on a Plan

Find out what is expected of your child this year and make a plan on how you can help at home.

  • How will you know where my child needs more help, especially given school disruption last year?
  • What are the most important skills my child needs to learn this year?
  • How can I support these skills at home?
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By continuing to pay attention to your child’s progress and learning needs, you are preparing them for this year as well as their next big milestones like moving into 4th grade, middle school, and high school. Through these transitions, and especially during changes like last year, your child is taking on new challenges — and your support makes all the difference. 

You are your child’s learning hero!

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