How Learning Happens Communications Playbook

Building on the insights learned through the Developing Life Skills in Children study, Learning Heroes partnered with the National Commission on Social, Emotional, and Academic Development to provide resources for the How Learning Happens Communications Playbook. The goal of these communication tools including videos, social media assets and workshop guides, is to help motivate families, caregivers, and educators to support and create the conditions in which all students learn best. How Learning Happens offers a meta-frame that can be used by all individuals and organizations working to integrate the social, emotional, and cognitive dimensions of learning in our schools and communities. It aims to align families and educators in a way of viewing and understanding the integrated nature of how learning happens and to motivate them to pull these practices into their own communities, schools, and classrooms. All of the resources here including the Developing Life Skills: Parent Perspectives Workshop Facilitator’s Guide are meant to support your work in the context of your community. Consider these tools yours to adapt and modify as needed.

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