The Super 5

The Super 5 provides tips and tools to help your child succeed in school. As you prepare for Back to School, check out this new resource from National PTA, Scholastic, and Learning Heroes!

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    Keep the goal in mind

    Find out your child’s learning goals for his or her new grade.

    Every year, your child is expected to meet specific learning goals in math and English language arts. These goals emphasize skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and reasoning. Understanding expectations will help you better support your child’s academic success.

  2. Understand your child's potential

    Know where your child excels and where there is room to grow.

    As students transition to a greater emphasis on critical thinking, problem solving, and reasoning skills, it is important to gauge progress and understand if your child is ready to succeed in the next grade. New state tests in math and English language arts are one of the ways to get a picture of your child’s academic achievement level. Learn more about these tests, what test scores mean for your child, and where to find tools to support your child’s learning.

  3. Be involved

    Support your child’s teachers and principals and spend time in your child’s school.

    There are many ways to get involved in your child’s school. Join or start a PTA and access tools to help you develop a strong relationship with your child’s teacher. Stay in touch with your child’s teacher and know good questions to ask during parent-teacher meetings.

  4. Embrace character and resilience

    Understand how character is key to your child’s academic success.

    Developing strong learning habits like perseverance, curiosity, and hard work will help your child achieve more in school. Explore resources that will help your child build character and advance learning.

  5. Bring it home

    Get the best tools to support your child’s learning at home.

    Polish your child’s math and English language arts skills at home, and get customized homework help to enhance your child’s learning outside of school.

About the new state tests

The new tests were designed to replace the old state tests and match the standards that are guiding teachers’ instruction in the classroom.

They are one of several measures to show how well students are performing against the new standards. Since the tests and standards are more focused on complex skills such as critical thinking, writing, and problem solving, students’ scores may look lower this year. This year’s scores are setting a new baseline from which progress can be measured moving forward. The test results include a breakdown of students’ performance in categories of skills within each subject. This helps parents and teachers understand where a student is in the continuum of learning and whether they need more challenging work or additional support.

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