Summer Parent-Teacher Planning Tool

Summer Parent-Teacher Planning Tool

You’ve worked hard to help your child through this crazy year and we all deserve a break this summer. As kids get a chance to just be kids, learning doesn’t have to stop.  

Here’s a simple tool to help you shape summer learning.  

Review Key Skills

Think about which specific skills are most important for your child to work on over the summer based on your own observations and teacher feedback.

    • Which math skills should we focus on?
    • How can we support those skills at home in a fun way?


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    Want help with knowing what to focus on in math and reading and get connected to free and fun learning activities? Try the Readiness Check here.

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    Enter your notes here and then select “Print Plan” at the bottom of this page. Or click here to download and print the plan to write in your notes.


Reconnect with What Matters

Who is your child most excited to spend time with? What interests your child? What makes them light up with confidence? Find out and lean into it this summer! This will help keep your child motivated to learn. 

  • How else can I support my child’s life skills (e.g. confidence, communication, problem solving)?
  • Which summer resources or programs (offline and online) do we want to try?

Reflect on Progress and Passions

Share what your child found challenging or was excited by with tutors, summer program leaders and new teachers in the fall. You have been front and center of your child’s learning this year and teachers need your insights and observations to best support your child.

For example, you could share “my 4th grader needs support with word problems that involve multiplication and division.”

  • Here’s where my child is doing well and here’s where they need support…
  • Some of my child’s interests and passions include…
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You and your family have overcome incredible challenges due to the disruptions in learning and your support makes all the difference. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and information. 

By leaning into your child’s passions and sharing your insights, you are your child’s learning hero!