Helping Crack the Code: A Playbook for Educators, Service Providers & Advocates

This Playbook is designed to help communicate with parents about how to support their child when they suspect or learn that they have a learning difference. It can also inform the design of equitable programs and policies that make high-quality supports more accessible.

The Playbook stems from research on how parents of children with learning differences navigate public education to support their children’s learning and development. The research and Playbook were made possible by the Oak Foundation.

Research Deck »

Hear from Parents of Children with Learning Differences About their Journeys


  1. 1
    The Research

    Learn about the insights through a research deck, a glossary, and partners that contributed to the research.


  2. 2
    Messaging Guidance

    This document provides some tips when communicating with parents of children with learning differences.

  3. 3
    Social Media Toolkit

    This toolkit, including creative infographics and parent videos for social media, can be used to promote the specific research findings and insights.




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