Family Engagement Leadership Institute

This nine-month Institute equips school principals and district administrators to lead family engagement strategies that directly impact student learning and well-being.


Virtual trainings

Virtual trainings

Four half-day group sessions at key points throughout the year.

Collaboration with Action Team

Collaboration with Action Team

Apply and deepen the learning by building on existing initiatives. Existing teams can be used for this purpose (e.g. School Site Council, PTA leadership, etc) or a new team can be created.



Differentiated 1-on-1 and small group support provided by expert leaders and cohort peers.

National Cohort Experience

National Cohort Experience

We facilitate regular collaboration and support amongst cohort peers, as well as members of our Alumni Network, and family engagement experts and scholars.

Artifacts of Growth

Artifacts of Growth

Learning and progress is captured in simple ways throughout the year

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Participants can expect to:

Understand what works in family engagement

Learn what research and effective practice tell us about connecting family engagement to student learning and well-being, as well as the key leadership moves that drive improvement.

Apply what works in their context

Clarify their family engagement strengths/challenges, and develop an Action Plan with safe-to-fail experiments in collaboration with their Action Teams

Re-design systems to promote what works

Culminate the Institute with an equity-focused family engagement strategy for the next year.

Additional Supports

We are expanding Institute offerings in response to requests from current participants. Please let us know if you’d like to learn more about:
» Tailored onsite experiences & trainings
» Professional development for teachers
» Workshops on existing Learning Heroes tools & resources

Hear What Current Participants have to Say

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  • Quote from Barb Lange, Principal, Storm Lake, Iowa 'I have pages of notes that have been very helpful in leading my team back in my building.'

  • Quote from Selena Volcy, Principal, Miami, Florida 'The biggest benefit of the Institute has been changing my thinking on family engagement... It has provided resources to look at family engagement from another lens and actually ensure that it’s meaningful for parents.'

  • Quote from Steven Ward, Principal, Minneapolis, Minnesota 'If you’re in a situation now where you need to see more family engagement, you will learn so much that you can carry forward… it’s a group of people that want to see you succeed, so you really have nothing to lose.'

  • Quote from Cynthia Clay, Principal, Miami Florida. 'The Institute has been a game changer for my staff and myself… it’s a win-win situation for everyone.'

  • Iowa principal describes the importance of the work done in the Institute

  • Florida principal describes the biggest benefit of the Institute

  • Maryland district administrator gives advice for leaders interested in the Institute

  • Florida principal describes the most helpful components of the Institute

  • Minnesota principal discusses the impact of the Institute on his knowledge and practice

Joining the Cohort

Our national cohort is open to any school principal or district department leader.

We also co-design local institutes with LEAs and SEAs.

Schools and systems are using ESSER funds, as well as Title I, II, III, and relevant state funds. Local foundations with a community engagement mission are another potential source of funding.

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