About The Smarter Balanced Test

The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) is a group of states that brought teachers, administrators and experts together to develop tests to measure how well students understand and are able to apply the skills and knowledge required by the state standards. The Smarter Balanced tests are given annually in math and English language arts in grades 3-8 and are structured to be taken online for a more interactive test experience. The tests are also designed to provide educators with a deeper understanding of how students learn.


The GreatSchools Test Guide for Parents explains the English and math skills your child is expected to learn in each grade. It also provides simple ways you can help your child at home!

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A Family Guide to Success

What do my child’s scores mean and how will they be used? What if my child did well on his or her report card last year, but not as well on the state test? Our Family Guide answers these questions and more!

View Smarter Balanced practice tests here.

Check out additional information from Scholastic and National PTA.

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