Featured Learning Hero

Featured Learning Hero shines a spotlight on an individual who embodies  the mission of Learning Heroes – helping parents support their child’s learning at home, a mission more critical now than ever. Some of the heroes featured will be educators, parents, student advocates and others.

Super Parent Illustration
Super Parent Illustration

Featured Learning Hero: Maya Martin Cadogan

Maya Martin Cadogan, the founder and executive director of PAVE, is a firm believer in community-led change. She helps connect, inform, and empower parent leaders, to give families in DC a voice and choice in the vision for their children’s education. Maya and her team help shift the dynamic so that communities and parents are partners in creating great schools, and a system of education  is created with children and families, not for them. Maya’s work in transformative family engagement is why she is our newest Featured Learning Hero.

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Notable Quote

“We as system leaders have to make sure that we’re giving families the information they want [and need] in order to support their children at home and in school.”

Maya Martin Cadogan, Founder and Executive Director, PAVE

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