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Featured Learning Hero shines a spotlight on an individual who embodies  the mission of Learning Heroes – helping parents support their child’s learning at home, a mission more critical now than ever. Some of the heroes featured will be educators, parents, student advocates and others.

Super Parent Illustration
Super Parent Illustration

Featured Learning Hero: Patrick Harris

Patrick is a middle school teacher at Detroit Achievement Academy and is also the recipient of the 2016 National Council of English Teachers Early Career Educator of Color Leadership Award. He uses his love for education and media platform Goodtrouble Media to help make equitable schooling and high-quality education an international priority. Patrick has spent the majority of his teaching career in Washington D.C and abroad in Doha, Qatar and we’re honored to have him as our second featured #LearningHero.

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Notable Quote

“Families – Black families especially, should never ever, ever, overlook the value of what you have by just having a conversation about your experience.”

Patrick Harris – Middle School Teacher, Detroit Achievement Academy

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