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Featured Learning Hero shines a spotlight on an individual who embodies  the mission of Learning Heroes – helping parents support their child’s learning at home, a mission more critical now than ever. Some of the heroes featured will be educators, parents, student advocates and others.

Super Parent Illustration
Super Parent Illustration

Featured Learning Hero: Carol Sutton Lewis

Trained as an attorney, Carol Sutton Lewis has spent over 25 years focusing on parenting, child development and education, with a particular interest in how Black children learn and develop. Over the years she has been engaging parents and thought leaders in conversations on parenting issues across the country. Carol now shares best practices in her Ground Control Parenting blog and her award-winning podcast, Ground Control Parenting with Carol Sutton Lewis. The name explains the mission: helping parents become skilled members of the “ground control crew” who make sure their boys and girls have what they need for successful takeoff.

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Notable Quote

Parents, talk to the teacher at the end of the school year to get a better understanding of your child’s development.

Carol Sutton Lewis, Ground Control Parenting

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