From Puzzle to Plan

From Puzzle to Plan

3 easy steps to help your child succeed

You are the expert on your child. When you know where your child is doing well and where more support is needed, you can best support learning at home.

Here are 3 easy steps to set your child up for success in school!

Put the Pieces Together

Like a puzzle, find the pieces of information that when put together, give you a more complete picture of how well your child is learning the skills needed to succeed in the next grade. In addition to report card grades, remember to look out for your child’s state test score report later this summer or early fall.

Which subjects did your child do well in? Which subjects need support?

Which areas did your child do well in? Which areas need support?

How is my child developing life skills – listening, communication, problem-solving, teamwork? Where is my child showing progress? Where does my child need more support?

Is my child reading on grade-level? How can I find the right books for my child?


Pay Attention to Progress

What is your child excited to learn about? Find resources and activities based on their interests that support specific skills. As your child reads, plays with an educational app, or interacts with friends or siblings, notice how they are learning and what they are able to show they know.

I notice my child is doing well and enjoys…
I notice my child needs help with…
My child is able to teach me what he or she has learned in…

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    Want to see what grade-level skills look like? Check out these videos.

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    Need free and fun learning activities? Find Learning Tools here.


Partner Up

Get to know your child’s new teacher(s) as soon as possible (they need you and you need them)! Find out what is expected of your child, share what you’ve noticed about your child’s learning habits, and ask what the different pieces of information on your child’s performance mean.

  • What do you love most about teaching?
  • What are my child’s learning goals for this year?
  • What does my child’s state score report mean and how is it different from other measures?
  • How can I support learning at home this year?

Here’s a bit about my child’s progress…

  • My child is interested in…
  • My child learns best when…
  • My child struggles when…
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By making these steps a regular habit, you are preparing your child for next year as well as their next big milestone like moving into 4th grade, middle school, and high school. With each transition, your child takes on exciting new challenges which will require your support and guidance.

The good news is you’re already on your way.

You are your child’s learning hero.