#AskATeacher - Motivation

You asked, we listened. Through video, National Teachers of the Year respond to your questions and concerns about motivating children to learn.

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  • What are strategies to get children to do the work if they are resisting? How can we create structure while also being flexible? -- Manjit, Valencia, CA, child in 6th grade

  • My son doesn’t enjoy reading. What can I do to help him reach the reading level for his grade? -- Bridget, Minneapolis, MN, children in 4th and 7th grades

  • What are some reward system ideas that parents can implement to motivate children to be more independent during hybrid learning? -- Lisa, Slidell, LA, child in 6th grade

  • How do you motivate your child when they are totally frustrated about the virtual classes? -- Yordanos, College Station, TX, child in 5th grade

  • How can we keep our kids excited to learn? They are so thrilled on this first day of school. I'd love to find more ways to sustain that excitement. -- Christina, Needham, MA, children in Kindergarten and 3rd grade

  • How can I foster a sense of satisfaction and pride in his work for my child? -- Tracey, Port Byron, NY, child in 5th grade

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