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You asked, we listened. Through text and video, National Teachers of the Year respond to your questions and concerns about learning accommodations and supporting children with IEPs.

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  • Can you share strategies to keep a child with Autism and ADHD engaged in distance learning without constant parent oversight? -- Carolyn, Portland, OR, children in 5th and 7th grades

  • What strategies can be used to motivate children who have executive functioning issues when using distance learning platforms? -- Marie, Mckinleyville, CA, child in 6th grade

  • What are the best accommodations for learning virtually for children with ADHD? -- Suzane, Westford, MA, child in 3rd grade

    • Tabatha Rosproy, 2020 National Teacher of the Year: Frequent breaks, the ability to make choices about their learning space so they can be comfortable, and posting visual routines to help them regulate and plan.  Something as simple as pictures of your schedule for the day, or for older kids, times written out on a piece of paper or white board…this can help children with a predictable routine, which helps them feel safe, which is necessary for all learners, especially those who may have issues with self-regulation. But most of all remember – children are not meant to sit and stare at a screen for long periods at a time.  It is totally okay to space work out as much as you can handle! This is not ideal, but it is necessary at this time. Have grace for your child, your child’s teacher, and especially for yourself as you parent through a pandemic!

  • My son has an IEP. How can we ensure that his accommodations transition to the distance learning model? -- Melissa, Seattle, WA, child in 4th grade

  • How can I identify what kind of learner my child is? I would like to provide additional support during this phase of remote learning. -- Pafonda, Chicago, IL, child in 5th grade

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