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Mathematics - Concepts, Major Content

Converting from scientific notation numbers

Use these problems to practice converting numbers to scientific notation.

Mathematics - Concepts, Additional Content

Create and Use Histograms

Use data to create histograms.

Mathematics - Concepts, Major Content, Modeling

Define percents as ratios

In this lesson you will learn to define percents by using ratios.

Mathematics - Concepts

Distinguish between rational and irrational numbers

In this lesson you will learn how to distinguish between rational and irrational numbers.

Mathematics - Analysis, Major Content, Modeling

Divide money amounts: word problems

Solve word problems in money with division.

Mathematics - Reasoning, Major Content, Expressing

Multiply fractions by whole numbers

Word problems in multiplying fractions by whole numbers.

Mathematics - Analysis, Major Content, Expressing, Modeling

Ratio Pictures

Write a ratio to describe objects in a picture.

Mathematics - Reasoning, Major Content, Expressing, Modeling

Scooter Quest Place Value -- Decimals

Help Jimmy make enough money to buy a scooter for his paper route, by finding the house with the right number in the right place value.

Mathematics - Analysis, Major Content, Modeling

Soccer Math--One-Step Equations Game

Middle school students will have fun solving one-step equations with addition and subtraction when playing this fun soccer math game.

Mathematics - Analysis, Major Content, Modeling

Solve for missing values in rate problems using a table

In this lesson you will learn to solve for missing values in a rate problem by setting up a table.