Character Strengths

Strengths like learning from mistakes, taking on challenges, and working hard will help your child succeed in school and life.

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Zest — also known as vitality — is taking on life with excitement and energy.

[child] actively engages in hobbies, sports, music, or other activities

ana shows enthusiasm while doing things

ana approaches new situations with excitement and energy



Grit is taking on challenges and learning from mistakes.

ana finishes activities once started

ana can stay focused and work independently

ana tries hard even after experiencing failure

ana stays committed to goals, even if they take a long time to complete

ana keeps working hard even when others take breaks

Self-Control (Work)

Self-Control (Work)

Work-related self-control is being disciplined to accomplish short-term and long-term goals. 

ana prepares for school and activities without being reminded

ana remembers and follows directions

ana gets to work right away, rather than procrastinating

ana pays attention and resists distractions

Self-Control (Interpersonal)

Self-Control (Interpersonal)

Self-control interpersonally is managing what you feel and do.

ana remains calm even when criticized, provoked, or teased

ana allows others to speak without interruption

ana is polite to adults and peers

ana can keep a calm temper



Optimism is being hopeful about future outcomes combined with the drive to shape that future.

ana believes that effort leads to future success

When bad things happen, ana thinks about how to prevent them in the future

ana doesn't let a setback affect motivation in other areas

ana believes in improving in areas of weakness



Gratitude (being grateful) — the appreciation of what we receive from others, and the desire to give as well.

ana recognizes when other people do nice things

ana shows appreciation for opportunities

ana expresses appreciation by saying, "thank you"

Social Intelligence

Social Intelligence

Social/Emotional intelligence is understanding feelings and using them to inform actions.

ana is able to find solutions during conflicts with others

ana demonstrates respect for feelings of others

ana adapts to different social situations



Curiosity is a strong desire to learn or know something — a search for information for its own sake.

ana is eager to learn new concepts, ideas, or information

ana asks questions to deepen understanding

ana takes an active interest in learning

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