Leadership Training Institute

Our cohort-based community of practice is designed for school principals and district department leaders. Through a problem of practice from their school or district department, and one-on-one coaching, participants learn to design and execute a more effective family engagement strategy that directly impacts student learning and well-being.

Participants in this year-long institute are members of a cohort where they learn from us and from each other. The task at the center of the learning journey is a problem of practice. These problems of practice are co-designed with our support following a foundational training that helps participants understand the research on effective family engagement and how successful schools have gotten started. With our guidance, participants lead a team of families and staff to refine and make progress on their problem of practice over the course of the year.

To facilitate learning and reflection, participants come together as a cohort on a regular basis and receive ongoing one-on-one coaching. They also engage in our knowledge-capture process, which yields short videos and other communications assets designed to codify and share their learnings more broadly.

Institute Logistics

The length and the makeup of the cohort can vary. We host a year-long institute every school year that is open to any school principal or district department leader. We also co-design institutes with states, districts, and other regional groups that want to host an institute for leaders in their local community.

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