Parents 2017: Unleashing Their Power & Potential

When it comes to raising children, we hear two stories: confidence in academics, yet an increasing anxiety about children’s social and emotional well-being. In fact, nine in ten parents believe their child is at/above grade level in both reading and math. But, when we look at both state level and national student performance data, only about 1/3 are performing at grade level. This report reveals more about why this perception gap exists, the high aspirations parents hold for their children, their deep dedication and areas where parents are seeking support.

Parents 2016: Hearts & Minds of Parents in an Uncertain World

This report offers insights into the hearts and minds of America’s parents. There are deep areas of concern, including fears surrounding what they feel they cannot control, such as peer pressure, bullying, physical safety, and the Internet/social media. But much of what we heard is reassuring, especially the depth of parents’ engagement in their child’s education and emotional well-being. Most parents express high expectations for their child, take primary responsibility for their child’s success in school, and communicate frequently with their child’s teacher.