About The New State Standards

Schools across the country are changing the way they teach and test our children. Common Core State Standards — a set of clear, consistent learning goals in mathematics and English language arts — are part of this shift, as well as new state tests that measure critical thinking, problem solving and reasoning skills that students need to be prepared for the next grade level.

“The standards and tests are designed
 to measure whether a child is on track”

The standards were designed to focus on the skills students need most in the real-world, like critical thinking and problem solving.

Discover the Goals

Watch a video about how the standards and aligned tests are designed to help all students succeed.

Get the Overview

Review the skills and knowledge students need to know by the end of each school year.

See the Standards

Review the grade-by-grade standards for math and English language arts.

Parent Resources for the State Tests

Find information and resources to help you understand and make the most of your children's score reports at our PARCC and Smarter Balanced pages. If you're not sure which your state uses, try our tool, below.

The new tests are designed to:

  1. Measure real-world skills

    The new tests are designed to measure what students are now learning in class - real-world skills like critical thinking, reasoning, writing, and problem solving. They ask students to demonstrate and apply what they know.

  2. Provide valuable information

    The new tests give more than a score. They identify the skills within each subject that a student has mastered and where they need more work.

  3. Allow students to show their work

    In English language arts, students will explain and justify their reasoning and answer open-ended, multi-step questions based on real-world scenarios. In math, they will solve problems and create visual representations of concepts.

The New State Tests

Learn More About The State Test Your Child Is Taking

Most states adopted a set of new academic standards, which meant they needed new tests to match them. Many are using tests developed by one of two groups: Smarter Balanced and PARCC, but a few states created their own. Select your state to learn more about the state test your child is taking.

Select your state to learn more about the state test your child is taking.

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